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Tahoma Bird Alliance conservation keeps state, county, and city decision makers informed about the impact of human activities on local ecosystems. Contributing our voice to Shoreline and Growth Management Plan updates protects our wetlands, streams, wild lands, and shorelines.
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No New Net Fish Pens in Puget Sound

Tahoma Audubon worked successfully with partners to prevent expansion of hazardous aquaculture in our waters in 2022. Native salmon species and orca suffer when net pen pollutants circulate in Puget Sound.


This is an issue still in motion within Pierce County, despite Washington state success.

Puyallup airport site

Rapidly developing: Our agriculture and open space lands are not good sites for a proposed expansion airport. Infrastructure costs and habitat impacts would be severe. We are working with local resident partnerships to remove South Sound greenfields from consideration.

See Conservation Committee blog for updates.

garry oaks in lakewood

Lakewood Increases Tree Canopy Goal

With local advocates, TAS helped improve Lakewood's tree ordinance, including specified protection for some species and commitment to nurturing newly planted trees.


Lakewood earned a Governor's Climate Award for these 2022 efforts to offset projected future greenhouse gases produced by urban growth.

background of trees

South Tacoma Neighborhood Council and partners are working to prevent construction  that would pave 75% of permeable open space overlying a regional aquifer. This lies along an important migratory flyway, as well. The open green space and wetlands contribute to surface waters of Flett Creek, Chambers-Clover Creek, and into the Sound via Chambers Bay.

Western Bluebird

Nisqually Tribe working to stop 6PPD, the toxic tire chemical in surface water runoff.

Bottle Bill and WRAP Act proposed to increase recycling in the state.

Audubon Washington plan to increase WDFW funding for non-game wildlife.

Futurewise championing legislation to include climate change planning in Growth Management Act.

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