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Three Pics flowers small brown bird and oregon grape flower



Bird Apps, Maps, Guides & Resources

eBird by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. This is an excellent resource for exploring birding "hot spots", looking for sightings of particular species and tracking your sightings. Different aspects can be used both on the app on your phone while you are out birding as well as on your computer to explore even more of the options. All of the records go into a world wide database of sightings and contribute to science and education.

Merlin also by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is an excellent app that is a great resource for bird identification and to help determine which birds are most likely to be seen in any particular area during any time of the year. This can also connect to your eBird account. There is also a Sound ID part of the app that will "listen" to the bird sounds around you and help you to identify what you are hearing in the area.

BirdWeb Seattle Audubon's excellent online field guide to birds of Washington


Larkwire - fun online learning tools in a game style format to improve your birding by ear skills. There are free as well as paid options.


Birds of Washington by Dennis Paulson at the Puget Sound Natural History Museum at the University of Puget Sound.


Washington Bird Lists by County by the Washington Birders, including a bird list for Pierce County.


Audubon Online Bird Guide - National Audubon's website and online field guide


The Tweeters List for latest reports form the field = crowdsourced by birders, hosted by the University of Washington.


Bird Sounds - listen to the sounds of over 600 North American Birds

Audubon Society App


A guide to North American birds from National Audubon Society. This app is available for Android and iOS, and can be downloaded here for FREE!

Great WA St Birding Trail


Maybe you're new to birding and aren't sure where to go. Or you want to explore somewhere new. Either way, the Great Washington State Birding Trail maps can help you plan your route and your destination. Also on the website, you can access the Great Washington State Birding Trail App and order printed maps. Maps can also be purchased at the Adriana Hess Audubon Center for $4.95 + tax. 

Plant Apps

Identifying plants you come across on a hike or in your neighborhood helps you plan your own yard.

NatureID: Plant Identification can be found at the App Store. It enables you to keep a journal to help care for plants in your yard and home, among other functions.


PictureThis - Plant Identifier is also on the App Store and includes a diagnosis feature to help keep your landscape plants healthy.

PlantNet Plant Identification, which is exactly that, is one of several Google Play apps available. Very useful on the trail when you find an interesting specimen.


LeafSnap Plant Identification, another Google app, provides more versatility for creating collections of your own.

Simplest and already available on your iPhone is the option to identify plants from any photo. Take a shot, swipe up on the image, and an option to "Look Up - Plant" will appear. Tap it and the app will provide several possibilities for you to choose among. This only identifies and doesn't save anything for you, but is very handy sometimes for quick ID.

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