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Clover Creek Volunteers

Clover Creek Reserve

Clover Creek Reserve is a rare Oregon white oak (Garry oak) and prairie habitat for birds and wildlife in an urban setting. It holds a portion of Clover Creek and seasonal wetlands in addition to the woods and prairie. A large variety of birds and wildlife use the Clover Creek corridor between Frederickson and Spanaway Loop Road. All the property is in the most sensitive zone of the sole source aquifer, as well, which enhances the need for preservation and restoration.

Peafruit wild rose Rosa pisocarpa

Tahoma Bird Alliance, in partnership with Forterra, provides stewardship of this 14-acre natural area in Parkland. Once part of the Nisqually Plains, less than five percent of this important prairie landscape mosaic remains. Restoration of Clover Creek Reserve improves local native habitat, which is vital for both native and migrating bird species.

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For information about joining our  stewardship efforts at this riparian and prairie habitat, or to learn about upcoming events, please email Lead Steward Rikki:

Problematic non-native plant species include Himalayan blackberry, knotweed, English ivy, Scotch broom, English hawthorn, reed canary grass, among others. Work parties are removing the invaders to promote survival of remaining native species like this wild rose and the orange honeysuckle below.


Volunteers are evaluating where new plantings will be most effective to restore original natural habitat.

Orange honeysuckle climbing shrubs
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